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The architectural partnership between Andreas Lordos and Zoe Antoniadou-both U.C. Berkeley graduates-started in 1992. The Cyprus-based studio has since secured multiple awards and recognition for its forward looking quality work, bringing commercial and personal success to its varied customers. Meeting and exceeding our client’s values and individual goals is our aim. Our team’s structured approach is designed to guarantee quality, expertly blending the project targets into a unique artistic image offering functional solutions within budget.

The clientele of the studio is broad: we serve clients based in the UK, USA, Russia, India, Lebanon and Israel, and elsewhere. We work with individuals and professional real estate industry players alike, and are engaged in corporate partnerships. We bring together an energetic mix of civic-mindedness and resourceful vigor to a range of projects we are engaged in: from planning and due diligence of real estate assets, to cultural and heritage monuments of global value, to commercial high end multi storey structures, to logistics facilities, to listed properties, boutique hotels and rental income properties, and to residential single and multi use dwellings and public buildings.

Our forte is the design and supervision of functional, bioclimatic architectural solutions that can bring massive improvements in property operation costs, increasing property value and profits. We help manage your investment by forward-looking action and competitive inventions for tomorrow’s world, drawing on our rich knowledge which draws to a strong working background with property professionals.

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As the years flow, our enthusiasm and experience grows exponentially in a field of study which is virtually endless. The science and art of architecture is the science and art of life: of successful living, of successful business and successful public contribution.

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