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Live-work Loft for Architect Couple describes the life of an ex-factory converted into ultra-modern residential living. 

Artist and Actor, recently completed, is an attempt to bring together into simultaneous existence intertwining spaces that will connect a gallery/dark room theater, an art studio, a beautiful apartment and a roof garden through a 13m tall skylight with glass surfaces, turning away from the narrow street and its invasion of noise and privacy.

Mediterranean Sophistication is a residence surrounded by courtyards with tall surrounding wals, creating a self-sufficient, private environment for the family within. 

University Professor's Abode is a live-work unit whereby the work space occupies nearly the whole of a lower ground floor, surrounded by tall retaining walls and spreading out into a private decked garden with a large jacuzzi. The living space is on an upper ground floor, with the two storey house opening in a relaxing and spacious manner towards the garden of the house, and its overflowing pool. A garden house provides privacy and a relaxed space for the family and friends to enjoy together. 

The House of Music incorporates a music studio with its associates spaces under the children bedroom spaces, with a glass floor allowing the children to see their mother teach and join in! The house, on a slightly higer elevation is connected to the street via a bridge that overhangs the studio's private garden underneath. 

A Mountain Retreat is a substantial project in which Andreas and Zoe collaborated with Constantinos Lordos, also an architect, to help bring about a live-work estate set within a large orchard and surrounded by pine forests.