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Corporate work, live-work and small practices today are striving to be good neigbors in an urban environment, adding to it with their beauty, not burdening the environment with emissions and overreliance on fossil fuels, by creating useful spaces without waste and by providing an identity and sense of shared pride to those that work within.

We have been invited to design for companies we sincerely respect and our work is at various stages of progress. 

Our work with Eurobank EFG for their Cyprus Headquarters in Nicosia has produced what the two property valuers have independently called "The first of the latest generation of office space in Cyprus".

Our work with Societe Generale Bank (Cyprus) Ltd for their own HQ in NIcosia, Cyprus remains yet classified but some of the work that has gone in is evident above.

Kypros Economides Group, a reputable and successful family trading and property concern is located at the family's old warehouse facing the Church of St. Lazarus at the heart of the Old Town of Larnaca, Cyprus. Ground floor has been given to commercial space, with the business relocating on the floor above, in a space where natural light and transparency dominates. The roof is now host to a small house (!) with its own small garden.

Our own practice, The Artisan Retreat, is a 200 year old structure within the Old Town of Nicosia and is an example of adaptive reuse in a building that was designed to produce living conditions without fossil fuels in a city that was dense and compact enough to not require a car..