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Andreas & Zoe Lordos Architects offer architectural design services, land planning services, development consulting, interior design and landscape services, with a strong emphasis on self sufficiency, green buildings and sustainable development. 

The purpose of our architecture studio is to create functional and efficient buildings that will improve our personal lives, and health, hedge for the future and act as a positive influence to our society. We are actively concerned with energy efficiency, natural ventilation and lighting, adaptive reuse. A comfortable working relationship and shared values between the Architect and the Owner is a key part of the process, and we would advise anybody building a home to ensure that the shared foundations of belief are there to build on. Our Practice, with its fair exposure on residential and commercial projects, interior design and landscape architecture, historic building preservation, public buildings design, as well as real estate development can be a serious business partner to your endeavors, bringing proven  experience and outcome during the value-adding process.

We can serve the needs of a top-quality property developer seeking our collaboration, and just as easily the requirements of a home owner seeking our input, or the needs to investigate various design solutions to create a master plan for a larger property.  

If you would like to share some of our thoughts, click We Live in the House we all Build for a brief history of our-and your-future on the island of Cyprus, and think about your own life and to what extent it may relate to Between 24 and 25.5 Degrees. The Declaration of Amsterdam describes a common European effort to preserve our cultural heritage by outlining values that we should understand and adopt. The article Smart Home? touches on what is generally perceived and sought as a smart home product, and how smart it usually isn't where managing the financial bottom line is concerned.

Our latest news: Lately we have been designing two Class "A" office buildings in Nicosia, and have recently completed the conversion of a warehouse on St Lazarus Square, Larnaca into a mixed use commercial, office and residential building. We are working on particular residential projects of intense interest to our selves, mainly for single family use, including an ecohouse along a creek in the wooded area of Kalopanayiotis, a family live-work hideaway in Nicosia, a family retreat at Tseri., and a zero energy home in the old town of Nicosia.  We have been adding touches at the Artisan Resort, our eco community for rent or sale at the fringes of Cape Greco National Park.