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The allure of water is unique; it is synonymous with the giving of life at its mere passage, mesmerizing in its motion and peaceful when still. Water offers soothing and relaxing sounds, a shared relaxing experience for all present. Swimming in water is healthy, social and fun. The cooling effect of water has been well-documented through the history of architecture.

A desire to bring water into one’s private residence, usually in urban areas is many times expressed as a feature within or even as a central part of an apartment’s layout.

The challenge of containing water is real, as is the limitation of space and the issue of maintaining the water body healthy. The rewards are plenty enough to encourage persons sensitive enough to its benefits and practical enough to generate solutions with positive all-round benefits where possible.

A trend that is in fashion now is to convert penthouse roofs-in most cases not well-considered for human habitation into lush and private roof gardens. The water cascades down the water sculpture, animating the space around it; 

Another trend is to buy ground floor apartments in existing developments or new ones. In these cases a trend is to provide for a pond in the apartment exterior. A drainage system diverting rain water into the pond after passing through a basic filtration system makes better use of rain water. The marine life, at its own pace, offers a calming shared experience to all.  

Water can also enrich the experience of coming home and passing right next to a water sculpture located in the ground floor lobby. At the Ermitage on the Beach, a premier condominium beachfront residential complex for rent in Limassol, we have designed in collaboration with our interior designers an overflowing cascade as shown below; bound to attract interest, its stainless steel construction guarantees longevity, a serious matter to consider when creating a feature inside the building.

The options are endless and are limited only by the space available, its stage of construction; it would be much easier to incorporate such spaces in the design before construction begins.

More radically, a floating structure-and there are many lying around-can contain a partially underwater steerable apartment; drawing from naval architecture, a concern about our future in any one country, and of a sustainable life, the apartment is immersed in water, which becomes more than decorative; it is now a means of travel, a source of food, of endless variety and fascination, and is a body of approximately 20 degrees Celsius which insulates the vessel from summer heat and winter cold. Drinking water will be collected via solar stills, and by the condensation of the atmosphere’s humidity, powered by solar panels. The water generated also shall maintain a hydroponics garden for some of life’s green essentials. Imagination is the limit.