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Combining living and working spaces together creates substantial benefits.

You will reduce your traveling time and costs, and the extra time can be used for a less hurried breakfast every morning with family. Both time and money are of huge importance, especially as one ages and as the economy goes down..

A mother-and a father-will have the ability to work from home should she want to-or have to work whilst raising a family, our key responsibility in life.

Children grow up alongside their parents during the crucial formative years, seeing them at work and learning by the mere proximity. 

The live work setup can also benefit some Employers that may otherwise refrain from expanding their business for lack of resources including space. True business value being where the customer's best interest lies, and not necessarily where the office is.

And not the least, instead of the usual coffee break at the office canteen you can have (more than) a coffee break with the person you love and within your own context and interpretation of what appropriate living conditions are.